In liar’s poker, the game is played with poker combinations. The dice combinations are sorted by value, in order from highest to lowest, according to the following classification:

  • Repoker: when the combination of the five dice is equal.
  • Poker: when four dice are the same and one is different.
  • Full house: when you have three of the same dice and the other two dice are the same.
  • Three of a kind: when the combination is three of the same dice and the other two are different.
  • Double pair: when you have two different pairs.
  • Pair: when you only get one pair and the rest of the dice are different.
  • In the case of two matching pairs, the value of the dice will be looked at.

In the event that the move is considered to be true, the second player must secretly check that his predecessor’s statement was true and, regardless of the value of the dice, he must roll the dice he considers appropriate to get a higher combination than the current one. To do this, he can keep any of the dice he received in the same position as long as he leaves them uncovered and roll the rest. After seeing the value of the covered dice, he will pass the cup to the player on the right and tell him the current move, which must be higher in value than that of his predecessor, and he will take his turn.

Betting: How to Bet and Types


In liar’s betting you bet in the same way as in card poker. Therefore, the dealer is free to post blinds (initial bets), while the player on the right is obliged to post the small blind, and the player on the right is obliged to post the big blind. These values are set before the game begins. Once the game starts, each player can make three different types of bets: call, raise or check, all referring to the largest bet on the table.

You can bet in craps in the same way as you can in poker.

How to Play Craps

Poker Rules

Although luck and chance are fundamental aspects of playing craps poker, strategy and knowing when to bluff, or how many dice to leave uncovered, are just as important. You have to be very careful not to make too high a proposition, because if the next player can’t beat it they will often be wary.

Dice Table Zones

As we have already seen, there are two parts to the game, one is when the dice are thrown in the centre of the table and can be seen by the other players, and the other part is when the dice are thrown into the cup and hidden from the rest of the players.

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