The stumbling block here is the lack of a long-term game vision and strategy.

Players act haphazardly. Betting becomes a routine, where purpose and meaning are lost, the process begins to take precedence over the result. To escape from this vicious circle, where you bet until you lose, without any real perspective of making a worthwhile profit, you need to do some planning. In this review, we’ll look at three different game plan options. Each of them will allow you to make $1000 income at the end of the month. The different schemes take place because players have different levels in terms of predictions, as well as a willingness to allocate a larger or smaller game pot. Obviously, to win a lot, you have to bet a lot. If you play from a small amount to a larger target, you’ll have to up the risks. Here’s a breakdown of the ways, for players with plus stats who have so far been unable to convert it into income. Also for those, who are ready to allocate a significant amount of money, but do not have a stable passing rate. And the third way is for those who cannot or do not want to risk any appreciable money. Intrigued? Then let’s take apart these banking schemes one by one.

A level path

Betting guide

This model of bank management is best suited for those who have simultaneously had a decent positive streak and are willing to play with at least a medium-sized pot. The main problem for such bettors is likely to be problems in goal setting, planning and discipline to implement them.

Let’s set the starting pot at $2000. That is, the goal: at the end of the month to make +50% to this amount, and to record a net profit of $ 1000. Or, the bank must grow to $3000.

There are conditionally 4 weeks in a month. If we use examples of football betting, then accordingly it is 4 weekends full of matches. Practice shows that there are about 25 good bets per weekend. That means we will make about 100 iterations in a month. We shall divide them into 2 bank turns. That is 2% of the starting sum or $40 for one bet. So, on average, we need to make $ 500 net from each turn. Let us take an average ratio around 1.75 as not too low and not exorbitant but rather working ratio from the same practice.

The required number of winning bets simple formula

Per round is calculated using a formula:

  • X * $40 * 1.75 = $2500
  • Х = 2500 / (40 * 1.75) = 36

Rounding up, we get 36 pluses out of 50 iterations per lap. Solving a simple proportion, we get the required pass.

  • 50 – 100%
  • 36 – Y
  • Y = 72%

This is just an example. Now we compare it with a more aggressive model, where we do not circle the pot in 2 games with 100 stakes, but in 4 games. So one complete round turn will be done in 25 bets. So one bet would be $80. From one turn we shall receive a net $250. The formula for calculation is the same:

  • Х * $80 * 1.75 = $2250
  • Х = 2250 / ($80 * 1.75) = 16
  • In total, it is necessary to give 16 pluses out of 25 attempts.
  • 25 – 100%
  • 16 – Y
  • Y = 64%

As we see, in case of more aggressive trading style, fast deposit turnover, requirements to probability are reduced to quite reasonable limits.

Your task is to adjust this approach to your realities

Betting tipd

How many rates per month, per week, per game day can your strategy specialize on that sport, that you are specialized in. To have a goal and a plan like this, to understand what averages you need to stick to in order to get the results you want. Very often it turns out that players have averaged the same 65-70%, but still could not make a profit because of the chaos that was going on in their game. But it is worth making this kind of calculation and order, moving towards its implementation, fixing mistakes, and everything works out.

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