Most experts strongly recommend betting as much as there is a chance of losing. It is foolish to hope that betting will make millions in an instant. It is a rather treacherous kind of gambling, which is better to come prepared with a strategy. But even that may not always work out, as there are so many different factors that influence sporting events. Even in cyber sports, which are very stable in this aspect, there are a lot of risks. Basic expert advice on how to calculate your betting amounts.

Use your maths, not your luck

It is easy to see that strategies have been devised, fine-tuned and nowadays they are almost perfectly executed. You can always tweak them to suit your own needs, but you do not want to get too creative.

Consider all the risks and potential losses. According to statistics, an overwhelming number of people who gamble lose more money than they gain. However, that does not mean it is impossible to win. There are always risks, and there are no guarantees. That is why it is better to bet less, but go more steadily at a distance. 1-4% and even 5-10% of the bank is enough. There is also a rule – “Bet as much as you want to have at least 75% of the account balance”. True, in such case it is quite easy to lose a pot in just 3-4 forecasts.

Prioritize right before you start betting

start betting

Many gamblers use prediction just for fun. In that case, it is better to choose smaller amounts, because the main goal is to have fun. When the bettor is focused on making money, they will need to bet more. Or, you can approach the question on a long term basis, risking as little as possible and following your chosen strategy.

Emotions away!

Impulsive, undisciplined, and emotionally unrestrained people are better off not playing for real money. Impatience also ruins strategies, because as soon as one loses, the hidden function “win back immediately” is activated, and one starts frantically trying to make money, which usually ends up in another loss. Especially impulsive people try to get the most out of just one match, making predictions even on a coin flip before a football match or on various TV shows. Discipline also allows you to have control over periodic success. For example, a bettor bets on a Barcelona win with a handicap (-1) against Athletic. The Catalans scored a goal each in the 2nd and 5th minutes, which literally forces the player to bet on other events related to the victory of the “blaugranas”. But the team relaxed after 2-0 and conceded a win in the end, consequently ruining all spontaneous bets and the pot. Only self-control allows you to earn and not lose all your finances overnight.

Any bettor has a certain level of excitement. It is directly related to emotions, experience and knowledge. Beginners enter a separate category, because initially they bet in their own way, strategies are considered an unnecessary waste of time and an invention of the handlers who want to prove something to their reputation for selling forecasts. A special place is occupied by the fans of expresses. Betting experts keep telling us that the more matches there are in a Parlay, the higher the likelihood of losing. All the more reason to call such a bet “money down the drain”.

Live betting was once the best way for bookmakers to make money. That’s not to say it’s a losing proposition, but you have to have enough skill, experience and speed of thinking to play at a profit. There are certain strategies for live betting as well, but they are motivated by finding different probabilities that can play out. For example, it is worth highlighting the tactic of betting on total less in football after the 70-75th minute of the match, when the score is more or less clear, and there may not be any goals scored according to the bettor’s calculations. But it is a lottery, as a lot of mistakes are made at the end of the match due to players’ fatigue. Therefore it cannot be considered an effective strategy.



Many readers of this material will indignantly ask: “well, where are the specific numbers and how much money should be used to win?”. Betting itself is considered uncertain and there is nothing stable about sports betting. The total bankroll depends solely on the player, their income, savings and willingness to invest in the risky business. It is important to start with an amount that you do not regret losing, and as your career progresses, you can change the size at your own discretion or according to one of the proven strategies. It is only worth remembering that a bankroll and funds used for comfortable living are very different things. If you mix them up and try to spend more money to make more money, you may fail and end up with no money at all to live on. Then loans, borrowing, and impulsive attempts to break even will all come into play. It is better to gamble with minimum amounts, to play with a calibrated strategy, and to upgrade it constantly. Only through trial, success and failure can you find the potentially right solution.

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